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Frequently Asked Questions

Do employers accept the training as preparation for employment?
Some employers may accept a certificate of completion for training as a credential; however, the true rubber stamp that employers seek is the certification by a nationally/industry- recognized organization. All Lab Four classes prepare individuals to sit for the related certification examination upon completion of the training course. 

What types of jobs will I be able to apply for?
In general, Lab Four prepares individuals to apply for entry-level jobs in high demand industries.   Typically entry-level salaries in industries such as computer technology, medical technology and renewable energy are higher than those found among occupations in the service industry such as food prep or retail.  Lab Four also supports individuals in climbing the career ladder to intermediate and advanced level positions upon successful entry level job performance. 

Are there jobs out there for people who complete the courses?

Lab Four uses labor market analysis to drive programming and courses offered.  Each new course must “pass” rigorous criteria prior to being offered. Additionally, evidence of industry-specific labor demand is provided under in our Labor Market Analysis page.

Do you help with job placement?

Our success depends on learners’ ability to find employment. To that end, Lab Four cultivates relationships with potential employers through our community partner network. In addition, students have access to tools and supports that assist in finding and applying for positions.

How long does it take to complete a certification?

Most of the Lab Four courses are 12 weeks, but some advanced programs are six months or one year.

What are the requirements for admission?

In general, the only prerequisites for all courses are attainment of a high school diploma or GED equivalent.  Some courses may recommend a background in basic skills. For example, basic computer skills are recommended for the Enterprise Support Technician course.

How do I apply?
Students interested in attending courses at Lab Four Training Institute should review materials on our web site and call to speak with a community education specialist or other staff member to find out more information. Generally, students attend a pre-enrollment orientation and may speak with a career coach during the pre-enrollment process. 

Do you offer online classes?
Lab Four offers various avocational online learning programs. Please call and ask for a Career Specialist for details.

Is there a registration deadline?
No.  Our program offers continuous enrollment.  We add classes throughout the year to meet the demand based on students expressing interest and completing pre-enrollment. Lab Four strives to enroll students in classes within one month of the pre-enrollment process.

What is the refund policy?

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Can anyone, regardless of prior felony convictions, enroll in courses at the Lab Four?
Yes.  Due to on-the-job training experiences that are part of educational experience at Lab Four, we do perform background checks.  However, a prior felony conviction does not exclude participation in our programs. There may be certain conditional terms for enrollment determined on a case-by-case basis.  At Lab Four we believe in the potential for successful reintegration into the community following incarceration and support positive change required to do so.  In addition, we maintain community partnerships with programs and employers that share our beliefs.  Support is also provided to prepare individuals with prior felony convictions for interviews with prospective employers.

Is the school accredited or licensed?
Lab Four Career Training Institute is currently authorized as a post-secondary educational institute by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and is pending authorization by both the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education and the Mississippi State Board for Community and Junior Colleges. 

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

We offer several options for funding education including extended payment plans, scholarships and assistance with application for financial aid for career training loans through Sallie Mae. Generally, scholarships are limited, competitive, and based on both individual need and potential to succeed.  In 2010, Lab Four will be adding advanced training scholarship matches in which students successfully completing entry level courses and working in training-related positions while setting aside savings for continued technical training can match their savings in scholarship money allowing a quicker progression to advanced training.

Do classes meet in the daytime only, or are night classes available?

Yes, students may choose from morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend class slots. 

On average, how many students are in one class?

Part of Lab Four’s quality assurance strategy entails offering highly interactive learning experiences with high levels of one-to-one attention. Therefore, all courses are limited to a maximum of a 15:1 instructor-student ratio with an average ratio of 8:1.
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