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We’re a non-profit dedicated to improving & accelerating the workforce.


Get the certifications that employers actually want alongside our amazing job placement assistance.

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Does Certification Help?

Does Certification Help?

Does gaining new industry certifications really help you succeed and advance you in your career?

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Job Placement Assistance

Job Placement Assistance

We help you to get inside an employer’s head, catch their attention, and ace the interview process.

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A friend of mine came through Lab Four and got a great job in IT at Nike. She recommended I go through Lab Four, and now I’m working in IT at a great company too! - Tyrone, Current Professional

Financial Aid

We offer a wide variety of financial solutions for every situation.

WIN Grants

If you make less than $31,200/year (or are unemployed), have a high school diploma or GED, and are a local resident, you may qualify for this grant.

Community Grants

LabFour is continually pursuing new grant opportunities for students. You may quality for one of our unique grant programs.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

If you’ve been laid off from certain employers as a result of international trade, you may qualify for extensive training funding.

Student Loans

If you do not qualify for any of our grant programs and cannot afford the tuition, you may consider one of our low-interest student loan options.

Employer Reimbursement

Many employers have budgeted training dollars to send their employees to improve their skills or even have training vouchers available to them.

Self-Pay & Ethos

Many of our students who do not qualify for grants choose to pursue self-pay options. Occasionally scholarships may also be available.

Personal Loans

We’ve worked with local banks in order to offer you various personal loan options if you’d like to pay in installments. Qualifications vary by bank.

Not sure if you qualify for any of these solutions? Contact Us 901-261-1111

Certification Facts

Does certification really help my career?

Percentage of employers that recommend certification


Workers who reported receiving promotions after getting certified


Average increase in salary after achieving certification


Employers reporting improved efficiency in certified workers


Certified workers reporting improved opportunities


Supervisors reporting improved opinion of workers after certification

The value of credentials to employers, workers, and society at large cannot be overstated - US Department Of Labor Learn More Now