“In a dynamic labor market, companies large and small recognize the need to invest in their own people, leading to much buzz around upskilling. Upskilling strategies are no longer the exception, but a necessity.”

- U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Upskilling with Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) Schedule a Meeting or Call Back Browse Courses

Don’t Hesitate

  • 61%

    agreed that technology changes and globalization greatly affect their jobs
  • 366,000

    people surveyed across 197 countries
  • Among IT and technology workers, that number jumps to


Companies must be proactive about shifting attitudes among employees and job seekers toward upskilling and reskilling, both to future-proof their workforce and to attract the candidates they need. A 2019 BCG survey was able to group respondents by country into four categories regarding their willingness to learn – proactive adapters, hesitators, bystanders, and intrinsic learners. Many western countries including the US found themselves in the more apathetic hesitator and bystander categories. Despite that, roughly three quarters of digital experts and information tehnology professionals reported spending a significant time – a few weeks or more per year – learning.

Source: Boston Consulting Group, Decoding Global Trends in Upskilling and Reskilling (November 2019)

“About three-quarters of technology leaders surveyed (76%) said theircompany offers IT staff more than the norm when it comes to things like remote work opportunities and sign-on bonuses. Among the 28 U.S. cities in the survey, Miami (92%), Seattle (85%) and Raleigh (84%) have the most organizations that are sweetening the pot for hard-to-find IT talent.”

– Robert Half Technology (January 2020)

Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Upskilling

We know it can be hard to find the right candidate from a pool of new and unknown applicants. Why not take matters into your own hands and create the talent pool you need?
You may not have someone already on your team who has the perfect “role experience” to prepare them for the position you’re looking to fill – and you may be hard pressed to find outside candidates who do either. Consider whether any of your current employees have skills and experience that would allow them to quickly upskill toward the requirements of the new role. This proactive approach creates value by prioritizing the exact skills you need and setting a quick pace for training. A robust upskilling and career development culture also demonstrates your appreciation for current employees, helps increase employee retention and engagement, and helps maximize potential for growth; not to mention that your workforce stays up to date with changing technologies, helping you avoid an impending digital-skills divide.

Source: Aerotek Insights, 3 Benefits of Upskilling Current Employees (February 2020)

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