Zero Day Impact
We know it’s in your best interests as an employer to hire candidates who are ready for the job when they interview for it, rather than after months of on-the-job training. Our competency-based, project-driven courses are designed to prepare our graduates to hit the ground running when they start a new job.

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Looking for Qualified Candidates?

Lab Four specializes in providing workforce-centered technical training; preparing our graduates not only to obtain industry certifications,
but to actually be effective in using the knowledge and skills they gain in the classroom in a real-world work environment. We offer training in
each of the skillsets shown in the Information Technology Ecosystem below.

How Can Lab Four Help?

In addition to project-driven, competency-based technical training we provide to individuals looking to advance their careers in the IT industry,
we also offer the following services to employers and recruiting agents looking to improve their talent pool:

Customized programs or training plans to fit your company needs

Assistance in establishing an apprenticeship program to create a pipeline for your organization for specific tech occupations

Exclusive or nonexclusive access to a skillset.

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