CompTIA Certified Expert: A+

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CompTIA Desktop Support Entry Level


CompTIA A+

Linked to CompTIA A+ certification, this program is designed to prepare students for technical support and IT operational roles. Program completers will learn to troubleshoot, problem-solve, and understand a wide variety of issues ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security.

Competency Goals

  • Linked to CompTIA A+ Certification
  • Identify the components of standard desktop personal computers
  • Identify fundamental components and functions of personal computer operating systems
  • Identify best practices followed by professional personal computer technicians
  • Install and configure computer components
  • Identify technical characteristics of system components
  • Maintain and troubleshoot peripheral components
  • Identify troubleshooting techniques for system component
  • Install and configure operating systems
  • Maintain and troubleshoot installations of Microsoft Windows
  • Identify network technologies
  • Support laptops and portable computing devices
  • Support printers
  • Identify personal computer security concepts
  • Install and configure system components
  • Troubleshoot system components
  • Install and manage network connections
  • Support personal computer security

Sample Job Titles

Computer Support Specialist, Helpdesk Support, Desktop Support, Information Technology Specialist (IT Specialist), Support Specialist, Computer Technician, Help Desk Analyst, Technical Support Specialist, Network Support Specialist, Network Technician, Computer Specialist, or other similar jobs.

Learning Methodology: Blended

Credential Awarded: Certificate of Completion

Length of Program: 72 Clock Hours (1-2 Months)

Lecture/Lab Hours: 43/29

Maximum Student/Teacher Ratio: 25:1

Withdrawal Fee: $100.00

Prerequisites: Either 1 year relevant work experience, 1 year postsecondary education at an accredited institution in a related field, or 1 industry certification in a related field

Tuition for Program: $2,875.00

Course Materials Fee (nonrefundable): $400.00

Included in Course Materials Fee
Digital Course Content: $100.00
Virtual Labs: $150.00
Practice Tests: $100.00
eBooks: $50.00